Dr. Stephen Barrie’s long standing Moonshot is: to impact human health on a global scale, by changing what individuals know about their own health. As the “grandfather of the microbiome,” Dr. Barrie was one of the very first pioneers of harnessing a balanced microbiome for optimal health, and today he gives us an insider’s view on:


  • What he realized in his private practice: treating the pathology (the symptoms of the illness) is not the same as treating the root cause of the disease
  • Dr. Barrie’s discovery that our gut microbiome is a KEY factor in our health— far ahead of when this was becoming popularly recognized medical science
  • The mind-blowing reality of how much control our microbiome has over our health and behaviors
  • Why Stephen retired… 3 times (and the incredible opportunities that convinced him to come back)
  • When Stephen met the Dalai Lama — and the astounding story about Stephen’s visit to an ancient monastery in Bhutan


Episode references: 

Short Chain Fatty Acids

Genova Diagnostics Labs, founded by Dr. Barrie

Fermented Foods: good for gut health

Viome test: www.viome.com

The Case Against Reality by Don Hoffman – book and related article


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