“In every moment, experience is born and experience dies” — Deepak Chopra on Moonshots


Deepak Chopra has been dubbed by Time magazine as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.” A worldwide guru and prolific author of 86+ published books, Deepak has amassed a following of individuals seeking a life of well-being and freedom from illusion.


In today’s insightful conversation, Naveen and Deepak dive deep into the topics of: reality, life, death, spirituality, evolution, consciousness—and so much more. Together, they explore the mystery and wonders of our minds and this planet we call home. This episode will prompt you to clarify the way you experience life, and learn to access infinite possibilities by seeing what is real, and what is illusory.



  • Deepak’s Moonshot: Liberation from all human constructs. 
  • We’ve evolved to experience the world in a unique way, and every species has as unique of an experience as us. What creates our experience, awareness, and perception of the world? There’s actually never any experience happening in the brain, so where do experiences actually occur?
  • Deepak’s 3 pieces of advice: 1. Get rid of your habitual certainties. 2. Be grateful that you have a consciousness that can create new things that did not exist before. 3. When you do engage with thinking, reflect deeply. Ask yourself, “Who am I really?”
  •  “The ability to think is an extraordinary ability—but the ability to not think is even more important.”


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