“As an entrepreneur, you have to be very comfortable being uncomfortable.” – Ed Petersen


Ed Petersen is a seasoned entrepreneur who’s known Naveen for decades, as a business partner and a friend. Now, his Moonshot is to build a revolutionary company that helps people all around the world; and he’s executing on it! This episode is a brilliant case study on building a scalable brand.


This episode is packed with lessons, including:

  • As a disruptor, never be afraid to ask every single question you have
  • The car repair industry is RIPE for disruption; wouldn’t you like to have a mechanic come to your house to fix your car?
  • What Ed values in customer experience: brand consistency, quality, and trust
  • Imagine AI being able to diagnose your car’s issues… without anyone actually having to look at your vehicle. That’s just part of the future Naveen and Ed discuss
  • How do you build a successful—and happy—team?
  • Ed’s real-world advice for raising capital to scale your venture 


Connect with Ed on LinkedIn, or via email at Epetersen@wrench.com

And be sure to check out Wrench.com, or download the Wrench app on the Apple Store or Google Play – it’s the quickest, most convenient solution for your car care! (Think of it as the Grubhub of car mechanics.)


Episode References:

Madrona Venture Group


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