Stephanie Nyx’s Moonshot is to teach people how to walk into their fears—to embrace the life of their dreams. She coaches people on how to align themselves physically in order to unlock access to even deeper inner alignment.


Today she reveals:

  • The 3 *truly* simple steps to waking up in a centered way (from Ayurveda)
  • How we get in our own way by being SO attached to specific goals and outcomes
  • “Every joint needs to move in every way, every day.” 
  • Stephanie leads Naveen and the audience through a joint loosening technique
  • Fascinating information on our body’s fascia system — and how it relates to our weight
  • How plastic contamination was causing Stephanie’s inflammation, and she didn’t know it 


Stephanie’s advice: Trust yourself more than anybody else in the world. 


Episode References:

Tech neck” or “Dowager’s hump”

Tissue “creep” — our body gets used to what we have it do… and limits itself from doing other movements

Dave Asprey of Bulletproof; book Head Strong


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