“I want to create a better experience … if I create that experience, then everyone else benefits from that too.” — Adam Buschbacher

At age 16, Adam Buschbacher decided he didn’t want to work for anyone else. Since that day, he’s lived as an entrepreneur with the sole intention of improving everything he touches. This Midwesterner left his sleepy hometown for the tech business bustle of Bellevue, WA, where today he’s on the front lines, disrupting media marketing.


This wide-ranging conversation is FULL of insider insights:

  • The problem with “all-or-nothing” marketing, or any business growth tool
  • You don’t have to be comfortable with where you are; but get comfortable with making small steps forward
  • How Adam got headliner musicians to play at his small venue
  • The future of Bitcoin; Adam and Naveen go tête-à-tête 
  • Where is cell phone technology going next?
  • Do unions care about their own interests, or their members’?
  • What’s keeping American capitalism from functioning healthily


Episode References: 

The Keiser Report

Peter Schiff


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