“If you quiet the mind, naturally the soul thrives.”

Rajshree Patel is a mind and meditation expert who teaches bio-hacking techniques that come from ancient wisdom to enhance performance and purpose in life. Drawing from the ancient Indian teachings of Vedanta, she defines true holistic health as “a disease-free body; a mind and a memory that’s trauma-free; and a soul that soars, that’s fulfilled.” Her Moonshot is to bring that peace and vibrancy to the world.


Some of today’s insights:

  • Thrive factor, energy, stamina, agility:  all of these come from the innate life force that we have immediate access to through clarity 
  • Rajshree leads Naveen (and all of us) through two short, enlightening guided meditations
  • Even though your Moonshot involves imagining the future, it is created now in the present
  • Accessing the limbic brain allows us to see our fears clearly, and treat them with insight and compassion
  • How to work with your breath in a way that automatically soothes and rejuvenates you


Naveen REALLY recommends Rajshree’s book, The Power of Vital Force: Fuel Your Energy, Purpose, and Performance with Ancient Secrets of Breath and Meditation.

Order soon, as the first publication is likely to sell out! You can find it on Rajshree’s website, https://www.rajshreepatel.com/


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Check out the Art of Living, where Rajshree has trained thousands of instructors and established 600+ meditation centers!

The Power of Vital Force 


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