“If you quiet the mind, naturally the soul thrives.”

Rajshree Patel is a mind and meditation expert who teaches bio-hacking techniques that come from ancient wisdom to enhance performance and purpose in life. Drawing from the ancient Indian teachings of Vedanta, she defines true holistic health as “a disease-free body; a mind and a memory that’s trauma-free; and a soul that soars, that’s fulfilled.” Her Moonshot is to bring that peace and vibrancy to the world.


Some of today’s insights:

  • Thrive factor, energy, stamina, agility:  all of these come from the innate life force that we have immediate access to through clarity 
  • Rajshree leads Naveen (and all of us) through two short, enlightening guided meditations
  • Even though your Moonshot involves imagining the future, it is created now in the present
  • Accessing the limbic brain allows us to see our fears clearly, and treat them with insight and compassion
  • How to work with your breath in a way that automatically soothes and rejuvenates you


Naveen REALLY recommends Rajshree’s upcoming book, The Power of Vital Force: Fuel Your Energy, Purpose, and Performance with Ancient Secrets of Breath and Meditation.

The best bet is pre-ordering (before Oct. 2019), as the first publication is likely to sell out! You can find it on Rajshree’s website, https://www.rajshreepatel.com/


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Check out the Art of Living, where Rajshree has trained thousands of instructors and established 600+ meditation centers!

The Power of Vital Force 


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