As a decorated war veteran, retired Naval Admiral, and former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Bill A. Owens has seen the United States through times of peace and times of war. Since leaving the military in 1996, he’s been serving a multitude of top companies; as an executive, an advisor, or on their board of directors. Today, his focus is on setting up our youth for genuine success and contribution.


Today’s fascinating conversation includes: 

  • What would be “the great philanthropy”?
  • The spirit that Owens looks for in the world’s most promising young people
  • The two great problems facing today’s United States youth
  • Where is our country’s economic structure headed— more toward socialism, or deeper into capitalism?
  • Always consider the other party’s point of view; especially when there are tensions or competitions between countries


Be on the look-out for the book Bill is co-authoring! It’s called, “China US 2039 – The End Game?”


Episode References:

Communist Leader Xi Jinping: blending socialism into China’s communist system


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