“If your only value to your idea is the idea [itself], then you’ve already lost.”

Your questions for Naveen Jain are answered again! It’s time for AMA Round 2.



  • How do you raise kids with great values in an affluent household— and, what are Naveen’s kids up to these days?
  • How do you hire quickly and effectively for a startup team?
  • Is a college degree necessary for starting a company?
  • And many more!


Remember to submit your questions for Naveen— the best places are on YouTube and Instagram.


Episode References:

The Jain kids:

Ankur Jain – Founder & CEO of Kairos

Priyanka Jain  – Removing gender bias through AI

Neil Jain – Schwarzman Scholar


Singularity University – Preparing global leaders & organizations for the future


#MeToo movement – Started by Tamara Burke




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