“Without AI, I don’t think we can solve the world’s problems today.”

Guru Banavar is one of the world’s foremost leaders in AI. After developing the Watson AI research & development group with IBM, he’s gone on to give touring lectures on Artificial Intelligence — including at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony (twice!) — and, to serve at Viome as the Chief Technical Officer, exploring the many links between AI and neuroscience.

In this episode, Guru and Naveen cover:

  • What can we do with AI that we can’t do without it?
  • Is Guru worried about AI taking over?
  • How does Naveen manage to equate BitCoin with poop? (You read that right)
  • What is “Artificial General Intelligence,” and how far are we from creating it?
  • What’s the crossover of neuroscience and AI

…and more!


Scholarly article about how your microbiome determines your response to glucose


Deep Fake

Project Debater

Singularity (Ray Kurzweil)


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